Toll Road Debate For I-465

INDIANAPOLIS - Do you think I-465 needs to become a toll road? One State Senator says absolutely not!

State Senator Mike Delph feels so strongly against tolling Central Indiana’s beltway, that he plans to stop it before it ever becomes a possibility.

Senator Delph said he wants to stop any possible tolling because of increasing gas taxes. He said he feels like adding tolls on top of that would mean drivers who use a tolled beltway would be doubly taxed.

Right now, the Indiana Department of Transportation is studying whether or not it’s a good idea to add more tolls onto Indiana Interstates.

It’s part of a road funding bill that requires INDOT to study long-term funding options.

INDOT said it plans on hiring a contractor to create a strategic plan, but tolls are just an idea in the early stages.

 Senator Delph isn’t having it for Hoosiers. Thursday, he said

 "I find this whole process completely outrageous and unfair to my constituents, especially on the  West Side of Indianapolis.”

When asked why, Delphi said  "Because it's double taxation. It's the main north-south corridor on the West Side of Indianapolis, is 465."

Today, the only toll roads are in Northern and Southern Indiana. Delph said his legislation would stop INDOT in their tracks from even considering tolling I-465. INDOT said it will finish the initial feasibility study by November 1st.

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