Tips to Protect Your Property

Terre Haute, IN - Property theft and burglary surpass all other local crimes. Terre Haute's Most Wanted often features suspects in these cases. Police would like to stop the crimes before they occur.

THPD recommends leaving a light on, or using timed and motion lights. This works for both inside and outside the home.

Also, keep the curtains closed. That way suspects can't see items like electronics or purses that are accessible.

A security system or home surveillance will act as a deterrent.

And one of the best weapons against a break-in could be right next door. A neighborhood watch group means you have back-up when you're away from home.

Terre Haute Police are happy to set up an organizational meeting, if you'd like to start a neighborhood watch on your street. Call officer Ryan Adamson at 812-244-2601.

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