The Dugger Difference

Dugger, IN - One local school has had quite the turn around in the past couple of years.
From closing, to opening as an online campus to regaining its original form. Dugger Union is open for year two. And they are bringing some new additions too. 
You know the saying: if there is a will, there is a way.
And there is plenty of will in Dugger.
The  small town continues to work towards a better, higher, and safer way to educate their students.  
A little building of history. Took years to add on and progress to what we now know as Dugger Union. 
After finishing their first year back as a fully functioning educational school, the bulldogs have decided to take the Dugger difference to a whole new level. 
"We're redoing our fire system, our security system, we're upgrading our internet," says Assistant Prinipal, Darin Simpson. "We have all sorts of things going on here at Dugger Union."
And it's not just the building upgrades that keep parents like Shaunda Pitcher bringing their children back, year after year. 
"Your children deserve the best," says Shaunda Pitcher, mother of two boys enrolled at Dugger. "If you feel that your school is not holding up to its standards with your children, come to Dugger. They take care of you. They will work through anything and everything to help you and your child feel at home."
After becoming a charter school under the supervision of grace college, Assistant Principal, Darin Simpson says this place is more than just a building.
"If there is not a school, that the town kinda dies," says Assistant Principal Simpson. "And we've seen that around us. And, so they fought for it. And right now, we have our school back and we couldn't be happier about it."
When we miss, we miss out. But Dugger Union isn't missing out on this opportunity to change the learning environment for their bulldog nation. 
"We're seeing good things happen in the school and around the school," says Assistant Principal Simpson. "Which is always a good thing for our community."
While Dugger has begun the renovations inside, they are receiving new roofing as well.

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