Talk Of Baesler's Voting Center Replacement

A final decision was tabled until they get a final answer from the replacement

Vigo Co. - Voters will no longer be able to cast their ballots at  Baesler's on Election Day.
The Vigo County Election Board again discussed the options for vote centers.

As we've reported in the past Baesler's is not big enough and voters clog the store aisles.
Out of the 20 voting centers in Vigo County the grocery store has been by far the most popular, making it a hard one to replace.
But now that a near by business has new ownership officials are going to give the ideal location another try.
The Meadows Shopping Center is close to Baesler's, has good parking, and the perfect floor plan for a voting center.
One issue, the old owners said, no deal.
But hope has been restored now that the building is locally owned, that the new owners might reconsider.
Officials call this the ideal replacement because of it's location and it is safe for voters to be able to wait in line.

As a matter of fact I would love to have the training center there, the voting center there, there is a lot of pro's to the space we looked at in Meadows. It is probably the most least desireable space for merchants and people that are actually doing business. For us, I mean we don't care if there is an elevator shaft in the middle of it. It will work for us," says Brad Newman, Vigo Co. Clerk.

If a deal cannot be made with Meadows, the board hopes to move forward with the current plan of replacing Baesler's with a vote center at the Electrical Engineers Building.
The decision was tabled until the Clerk can get a final answer from the shopping center's new owners, the board will have to make a final decision before their deadline in early January.
In the meeting, the Clerk also discussed the potential for three voting machines on ISU's campus for the 2018 election.
He says if a lack of funds prevent it from happening in 2018, then they will definitely become a reality in 2019.

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