Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can be needed for a variety of reasons.

One little boy works on his speech. His mom says he's made great improvements.

Jesse Myers, 4, is mildly autistic and receives help with his verbal skills at Paris Community Hospital Family Medical Center.
Jennifer Myers, Jesse's mom, "I bring him to speech therapy outside of school to help him be the best Jesse he can be and help him with his speech as much as possible."

Jesse's mom says she noticed when her son was two that he wasn't speaking as much as he should.

Brenda Stevens, speech pathologist, "Speech pathologists work with a variety of patients who have difficulty with speech, language, thinking, cognition, higher level reasoning and also swallowing."
Therapy is very individualized and can include work at home.

Jennifer Myers, "We used to have cards that would have certain words that he couldn't say."
According to his mom, Jesse's speech and vocabulary have improved quite significantly and that's the goal for every patient.

Brenda Stevens, speech pathologist, "Obviously we hope that their speech and language issue or their swallowing issue is greatly improved by the time they complete their therapy."
As for Jesse, his mom is happy with the changes.

Some people need to work with a speech pathologist for a short period of time, but others may need ongoing therapy for years.


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