Potential Lottery Loss

PRAIRIE CREEK, IN - Illinois residents may not be able to play two popular lottery games in local convenience stores and gas stations for much longer.

The association that runs Powerball and Mega Millions may give Illinois the boot unless a budget is passed.

Illinois players spend millions each year on Powerball and Mega Millions. But if there's no state budget by the end of the month, those players will have to hit the road, if they want to try their luck.

Stopping by the Country Mark in Prairie Creek once a week is a part of Illinois resident Richard Crawford's routine.

"Never really been a big winner, but it's fun to play," he said.

Still, he's frustrated that his luck is better suited in the Hoosier state than in his hometown of Robinson, Illinois.

"They say that Indiana wins more than Illinois and in two weeks Illinois may not have a lottery," he said.   

"I think it's ridiculous that Illinois doesn't have a budget because i mean when you win in Illinois lottery, you have to wait on your money, they can't even pay that yet."

While it would be a loss if the multi state lottery association drops Illinois, it would be a win for Indiana retailers along the border.

"We certainly sell them every day, "Curtis Bodine said.

Owner of the Country Mark, Curtis Bodine says they're not lacking sales for Powerball and Mega Millions.

 And you can see why they're so popular.

"The Powerball is right now at 52 million and Mega Millions is at 113 million," Bodine said.

To him, the possibility of the state of Illinois losing these games is unheard of.

 "I guess this is just another sign of how bad things have gone."

With a threat to Illinois lottery players, Bodine expects to see an uptick in Illinois residents walking through his door.


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