Police Pension Progress

Terre Haute, IN - Police pension has been a topic that's resulted in a long battle between the city and those receiving a police pension.

Both sides touched gloves and came to an agreement.

Pensioners have been coming to city council meetings for the past few months urging the council to find a solution to their problem. 

The fund their pension came out of was gone. 

A battle past police chiefs say they've been trying to solve for the last decade.

"We're feeling pretty good about what was accomplished here," says George Ralston, past police chief. "The bottom line, we should have never had to have been here."   

"We'd like to thank all the people that stood behind us," says Ray Watts, past police chief.  

Pensioners say their plan was a simple one. 

"We basically just asked the city to follow the law and the law says that you cannot co-mingle the funds," says Ralston. "The money has to be directly used for pensions and nothing else." 

You see, at one point, these 1925 pensioners didn't receive their checks.

"We worked awful hard to not only protect the city, but to take care of our families," says Watts. "This pension...a lot of them live off of this pension." 

So the city attorney, Eddie Felling, and Noah Gamble, who represents the 1925 pensioners, began working together to accommodate both sides and their needs. 

"Finances have been an issue with regard to the co-mingling of funds in the general fund," says Noah Gamble. "This was a way to come to a compromise. Give the city some time to segregate a fund outside of the general cash pool to safeguard those funds for the 1925 pensioners." 

This passed amendment doesn't create an immediate change, but pensioners are thrilled nonetheless. 

"We'd like to have our money right away, but we think we solved a problem by getting it put into a separate fund," says Watts. "So they can't mess with our money." 

"We appreciate all the backing we're getting from the community, city council and everybody else," says Ralston. "So it's always nice for somebody to have your back."

This amendment only affects those 1925 pensioners. 

Noah Gamble says this is an example of two sides trying to avoid litigation and coming together to produce an end result that both sides feel comfortable with. 

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