New Orthopedic Surgeon Paris Community Hospital

Dr. Wheeler has performed thousands of knee and hip replacements.

Paris, IL - Dr. Ronald Wheeler sees patients at Paris Community Hospital Family Medical Center.
Dr. Wheeler, orthopedic surgeon, "I've been doing this for a longtime, so I really enjoy taking care of people. That's why I still enjoy being an orthopedic surgeon."
As an orthopedic surgeon, he's treated a little bit of everything from sports injuries. To shoulder problems to trauma in children. In fact, he became an orthopedic surgeon because of something that happened to him.

Dr. Wheeler, "I got injured when I was playing football in high school. I was with an orthopedic surgeon a lot having broke both of my wrists at the same time."
Part of his practice s knee and hip replacement. It's a topic he knows a lot about. He's performed 6,000 total hip replacements and nearly 3,000 total knee replacements giving people back their mobility and a new lease on life.
Dr. Wheeler: 'It's the most experience in orthopedic surgery and medicine in my opinion."     

But replacement surgery may not be the only option.
Dr. Wheeler, "In the beginning, if it's mild arthritis, we can have them exercise and strengthen their muscles in the lower part of their extremities, take off a few pounds and help them in a rehab program. We can sometimes give them pain meds or medication to reduce the inflammation in the joint for a significant period of time, for a number of years actually."
Patients can call Dr. Wheeler's office directly at 217-466-47-14 or be referred to him by their family physician.

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