New Leadership at Crane

Crane, IN - There is new leadership at Crane Army Ammunition Activity. 

A ceremony Monday marked the departure of Colonel James Hooper, who has been at Crane for just a couple of years.

Leadership of the Army's depot operations is on a two year rotation. The event also provided the introduction of Colonel Michael Garlington.

"I absolutely feel like I have big shoes to fill, but the people who work here on Crane are absolute professionals and it's their reputation that I'm here  to help protect," said Garlington. "This is a golden opportunity for my family and I. I am absolutely thrilled to be here in the Hoosier state."

The incoming commander will oversee the work of more than 700 civilian workers. "I am the only full time active duty soldier here. I have one Marine gunnery sergeant as well. Everyone else is a civilian. But I tell you, they are dedicated Americans, they are hard workers, just like the soldiers I have grown up with, so I am excited to be here," said Garlington.

The Crane operation handles the manufacture, storage and destruction of convention munitions.


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