New Innovative Community Center Opens Up In Knox County

KCARC's 1972

Knox Co. -
A new facility is open in Knox County that was designed for people with disabilities. But the creators of the facility intend for it to be a place that blurs the line of difference and just lets people have fun and learn.

KCARC is an organization that's sole focus is creating opportunity for people with special needs.  The new facility, 1972, is a place where people of all walks of life are invited in, to have fun and learn.

"1972 is the manifestation of a few years of dreaming and thinking about how we can serve people with disabilities better than what we have been," says Michael Carney, KCARC President.

The idea of 1972 is the result of a seven year search to fill a void.
"It has been several years it has been gnawing at me that somehow I just wasn't getting it and I just wasn't providing what, as leader of KCARC, that I needed to do," says Carney.

At 1972 there is an abundance of unique games that people, regardless of life's challenges, can enjoy.
They have virtual reality games, rock climbing, human foos ball, and more.

"It seemed to me that it was important for folks with disabilities to have a larger place in our community. One of the best ways to do that is to create something that is very very unusual, very very unique, very needed, and very valuable. And something that people with disabilities can enjoy along side people who do not have disabilities," says Carney.

When Knox County mom, Jamie Neal, heard about the facility she knew she had to bring to her two rambunctious boys to check it out.

"I think it was an element that we were missing. It is a great venue for families to come out and enjoy their day. So yeah, we are very excited about it, it is a great opportunity for our community," says Neal.

With a facility this unique, you know there has to be some limitations on who can come. Carney says he has limited it to, "only those people from birth to death are allowed to come."

1972 is the year that KCARC was created.
They say it seemed fitting to name the new facility that will continue to integrate the community after the year they started their original mission.

You can find the new facility located at 711 Old Wheatland Rd, Vincennes, IN 47591.

To see the full break down of their mission as well as all the amenities their new facility offers, you can check out their website by clicking here.

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