TH council questions businesses about abatements

By News Staff

Published 06/06 2014 12:05AM

Updated 06/06 2014 12:18AM

The Terre Haute City Council reviewed abatement data Thursday to make sure that businesses are keeping up their end of the deal.

Six companies were flagged for not being compliant. Council member Norm Loudermilk says clerical errors are often to blame, which is why most of the companies were found to be in compliance after the review.

"If something is wrong, like maybe there's a number left off or someone made a scribner's error, then that's fine. We notify them if they're not in compliance—that kind of wakes them up a little bit and then they get their pencil out, they sharpen it a little bit and they make sure they fill the forms out properly," says Loudermilk who represents the 3rd district.

A couple of the companies under review weren't approved because they've gone bankrupt.

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