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By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 04/14 2014 03:25PM

Updated 04/14 2014 05:37PM

        People in the Wabash Valley love Morel mushrooms. Finding them is an adventure, one closed to outsiders. No hunter reveals their favorite spot.
        I've never hunted Morels. If I went in the woods looking for these I'd end up lost. So what to do? Hey, there's a Morel expert in the building.
        "Do you know where I can find any Morel mushroom websites and Morel mushroom apps?"
        "I know how to hunt them. I know how to cook them. And I love eating mushrooms, but as far as finding anything on the website or the apps, I have no idea. Go look that up tech boy."
        I did and I was impressed by the number of sites and apps.
        Sites that teach you how to hunt.
        Sites on hunting in Illinois and Indiana.
        Some sites have a recipe section. Some have fungi Facebook links.
        Some are really detailed, offering a map of locations. This site has details on         Morel hunting around Mansfield and Raccoon Lake State Park.
        There are black and gray Morels, something called pufftops, all tending to pop up early in the hunting season. Then there's the gold standard, the Morel every hunter wants.
        "The yellow Morel is the big one, that's what everybody looks for and sometimes you can find patches of them."
        Once you land that tasty fungus, it's time to cook. Some websites have recipes and most of the apps I came across are for recipes. You can find apps for both Apple and Android devices.
        If you're a Morel veteran, you may still find these sites and apps helpful. Rookies like me sure need the help.
        Happy hunting.

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The Hoosier Mushroom Society

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Illinois Mushrooms 2

The Great Morel

Indiana Mushrooms

Audubon Guide

Morel Mushroom App (Android)

Mushroom Recipes App (Android)

Mushroom Recipes App 2 (Android)

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Rogers Mushrooms App

More Mushrooms App (Apple)

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