More Parking at Aquatic Center

Terre Haute, IN - Officials of the Terre Haute Parks Department announced they plan to expand the parking lot at the Vigo County Aquatic Center.

This after the department received numerous complaints from residents around Voorhees Park. They said some people were parking in front of their homes because there wasn't enough parking.

Now officials at the Aquatic Center say they want to take action; and they say they are ready to start construction on a new parking lot.

"After last months meeting, I went back and looked at the contract again. The area they want to put this parking is already in an area they were leasing. So, really they came in to get the park board's blessing to okay for them to go forward in building that parking lot," said Park Superintendent Eddie Bird.

The first phase of the project will add an additional 64 parking spaces to the center.

There is no word yet on when the first phase will start or what the second phase will include.

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