Ways to Improve Indiana's Equality of Opportunity

By Kellie Bartoli

Published 03/11 2014 04:54PM

Updated 03/11 2014 06:38PM

A new report from Harvard shows that the equality of opportunity is out there for future generations, but the Hoosier State is still lagging a bit behind.

It found the potential for economic opportunity is at least as good - if not better - than this time in 1971.

But geography matters.

The study broke Indiana into 17 regions, and 12 of them are below the national average.

Experts say the state just needs a stronger push - things like getting kids involved, strong community support, education opportunities and stable family structure.

"There are so many important influences on the life of a child that relate to family, community and school. Not just the school itself. As important as that is, the very best teacher can only do so much if the family and community are not supporting that child as well. So it really is all of those sectors working together," said  Bill Stanczykiewicz, President and CEO of the Indiana Youth Institute.

The study also says some education after high school -- whether it's a four-year degree or even a work certificate -- also increases economic opportunities.

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