Wayne Seybold Looks Back on Olympic Career

By Kellie Bartoli

Published 01/26 2014 06:13PM

Updated 01/26 2014 06:50PM

Wayne Seybold is a three-term mayor of Marion, Indiana, and recently through his hat into the ring for state treasurer.

But long before his life of politics...it was all about pair skating.

He and his sister skated their way through many international competitions, including the 1988 Winter Games.

 "It was a moment in time for us, and it's fun to relive it every four years," said Seybold.

It's been nearly 26 years since Wayne Seybold and his sister skated on Olympic ice, but being part of Team USA is something that always stays with you.

"You just gotta go for it. Don't look back, just put it all on the line and go," he recalls.

For this Marion, Indiana native, going to the Games wasn't always in the cards.

He relied on his community and state, who raised $40,000 to get this pair to Calgary.

He says that played a big part in his political future.

"I love it. I mean, it's exciting and I feel like this is a calling to be able to give back to the community," said Seybold of his current career.    

And while the glory of the Games is always legendary, Seybold says his sport isn't quite the same as it was in 1988.

"You know, you look at some of the moves that the athletes are doing today and you just think wow! I mean, how are they doing that?," he laughs.

This Olympian admits athletes get nervous when competing on that international stage, but says there's nothing like it.

And for Seybold, getting to share his memories with his three young sons is worth its weight in gold...

"They watch these videos that are on YouTube of my sister and I and they go who's that skinny guy, dad?," he laughs. "So it's got a whole different perspective now through their eyes."

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