Warm Weather Means Mosquito Season is Here

By Brett Edwards | bedwards@wtwo.com

Published 06/16 2014 10:36PM

Updated 06/16 2014 11:44PM

Mosquito bites are something that people of all ages encounter.

One parent we talked to says she keeps repellent with her at all times,no matter where they are.

"All the time. I end using Buggins that you can get at any drug store. Works for all kinds of things," said Gloria Drake of Lewis, IN.

There are several mosquito repellents on the market.

Experts strongly encourage folks to purchase a repellent that contains one important ingredient.

"Especially one that contains DEET. That is what provides the most coverage from mosquitoes and prevents them from biting," Jenna Smith said, Purdue Extension Educator of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Clay County.

Mosquitoes are commonly known to develop in locations with standing water such as flower pots and even bird baths.

Smith recommends removing any standing water from these locations around the house.

"Clean it out once a week, such as water troughs or your bird baths. Remove any old tires or buckets, put them up so that they don't hold water," added Smith.

Gloria Drake makes sure to do the same at her Lewis, Indiana home.

"We try to dump anything that would hold water or anything like that," explained Gloria. "We'll put some bug spray on that."

Last fall, a Vigo County resident died from West Nile Virus.

Jenna says that if you are bitten, you should make sure to keep an eye on the bite and seek medical attention if it continues to itch after an extended period of time.

"West Nile is a concern and everyone, if they are bit by mosquitoes, they should watch and make sure there's no infection that comes with it, no rashes. If they are getting sick and they've been bit by a lot of insects, they need to contact their physician," said Smith.

Gloria took the safe route by bringing one of her children to the doctor after a bite.

She feels you can never be too safe when it comes to mosquitoes.

"Just because i wasn't sure what it might've been and we took it in and they ordered hydro cortisone or something like that. Usually it's treated it,"

Vigo County released it's mosquito spraying schedule today.

Tomorrow--- trucks will be focusing on northeast, northwest, and southwest sections of the Terre Haute.

This week's spraying schedule can be found here: http://www.vigocounty.in.gov/egov/docs/1402929677295.htm

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