Tuesday Tax Tips 4/9/13 @ 6pm

April 15 is just six day away here are some last minute tax-filing tips.

1. E-file - this reduces chances of audit and math mistakes

2. Check to ensure you have put correct Social Security numbers on your tax return.  The IRS will simply remove the deduction and credits if you don't have the correct Social Security Number

3. Check the tax return to ensure you are taking all the credits you are entitled to recieve.  Such as
    Child Tax Credit           
    Earned Income Credit
    College Tax Credit
    Elderly Tax Credit
    Energy Tax Credit
    Child Dependent Care Credit
These are some of the more common credits however there are hundreds of credits available.

4.  Review your Schedule A Itemized Deductions to ensure you have taken your Mortgage Interest, Home Equity Loan Interest. PMI Insurance, Property Tax, State income tax, and your charity donations.

5.  Beware of Turbo Tax and tax software that claim to be "FREE" it really not free, they have lots of hidden fees and charges.  After all they put on huge national advertising campaigns that cost multi-millions, they have to charge you. 

6.  If you cannot file on time File an Extension form.  Stadler's tax service will file you Extension for you for FREE.

7.  Hire a Licensed Tax Professional!!!  Hire an Enrolled Agent - American's Elite Tax Professionals.   

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