Trampoline Dangers

By Cody Adams |

Published 07/03 2014 05:48PM

Updated 07/03 2014 11:44PM

Cody Adams/Reporter: Sure, they look pretty harmless,
And you see them in yards all through the Valley.

Robbie Snyder/Dad:  "Its something for them to do. "

Cody Adams/Reporter: But you might not be aware of just how dangerous a trampoline can be.
A study by the IU School of Medicine found, from 2002 to 2011 more than 288 thousand
people across the country suffered broken bones from trampoline injuries.

Dr. Lynette Oliver: "We do see minor injuries and they usually are like fractures sprains bumps in the head minor head concussions I don't know the percentages off hand but we do see them."

Cody Adams/Reporter: The injuries over that time cost an astounding one billion dollars in e-r visits.
Lynette Oliver is a doctor at Union Hospital. She says preventing injuries is pretty easy if you follow a few rules.

Dr. Lynette Oliver: "One of the most important things is they need to be supervised. They're much more likely to have injuries if there's more than one kid on the trampoline so you wanna make sure there's one kid at a time. And I don't think a child less than five should be on a trampoline. "

Cody Adams/Reporter: Robbie Snyder owns a trampoline that his kids and the neighbor
kids all enjoy. He and his wife make trampoline safety a focal

Robbie Snyder/Dad: "Either my wife or I one of us is always out here so they never really get a chance to do anything stupid on em."

Cody Adams/Reporter: But he admits sometimes he falls short.

Robbie Snyder/Dad  "As far as using it as a babysitter, I'm guilty of that. I was working in the shed earlier and the two boys were out here playing goofing off. Course I was out here keeping my eye on em."

Dr. Lynette Oliver "Thirty-three percent of the injuries which is one third of them occur while they're still being supervised, so just because you're there doesn't mean it's not gonna happen. Your just going to be there to deal with it and see what's going on and immediately take action."

Cody Adams/Reporter: The Snyders have had their trampoline for about eight years. And from
the beginning they wanted the kids to know the rules.

Robbie Snyder/Dad:  "As far as them start to do the wrestling thing they know there not suppose to do that and the neighbor boys know that as well. It's for fun it's not for getting on there and fighting and goofing off."

Dr. Lynette Oliver: "Most of the injuries are in motion okay so they have nothing to do with the landing but they have to do with the impact injuries or the force injuries like we have in car crashes. They're controversial some people are fan of them some think they're fine. Ummm the general consensus is they're not that great."

Cody Adams/Reporter: Something to think about, so your hours of fun, don't become hours in the emergency room.
In Terre Haute, Cody Adams, NBC 2 News."

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