Texting Reaches Record Heights

The number of text messages from cell phones continues to go through the roof.

Verizon Wireless reports that in the first quarter of this year, 175 Billion text messages were sent.

That compares to 58 Billion just two years ago.

The company says texting is gaining favor for three main reasons---speed, discretion and efficiency.

The number of e-mails and instant messaging on computers is falling while people of all ages are learning how beneficial texting has become.

Verizon Manager Arlie Mimbela says, "If you want to send a message to family members, but you don't want to call all of your family members at that moment, you may not be able to, you may not have enough time, you can send even a quick text message that'll get to their phone, they'll get notification.  All the phones have the little beeps that go off when they get a text message.  They know that something just came through and they can get to it."

Verizon also maintains a policy of urging absolutely no texting while driving.

Several jurisdictions have made the practice illegal.

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