Study Rates Safety of Various Football Helmets

By Brett Edwards |

Published 08/04 2014 10:23PM

Updated 08/04 2014 11:38PM

Sullivan High School football Coach Trent Olson says his team sports three types of helmets: the Xenith X2 and Riddell Revolution Speed both have five star ratings. The Schutt Vengeance is a four star.

Coach Olson says the school's sales rep helps provide them with information on the helmets.

"A lot of times it's at a football clinic or a football show where you get to see the equipment out and you rely on those guys to give you good information," Olson said.

After the season is complete, all the helmets are sent to a reconditioner who inspects each and every helmet.

"Cleans it, sanitizes it, checks out the ear pads and face masks," Coach Olson explained. "Then they send them back to you, and sometimes they're rejected. This helmet isn't any good anymore."

Coaches throughout the valley can agree on just how well the state has tackled the dangers of concussions.

"I think that the steps that they're taking in the state are definitely good ones," added Northview High School's Football Coach Mark Raetz. "Every coach, all levels youth football up to high school has to do concussion training."

"You're constantly being made aware of it. And I'm happy that they're starting to make the younger groups aware of it too because for a while it was focused on us at the high school level," said Coach Olson. "Now you're seeing it more and more at the younger levels and hopefully that'll kind of help us out in the long run as these younger kids are starting to become more aware of it and the coaches are starting to become more aware of it."

The study has evaluated a total of 23 helmets.

Those helmets and their ratings can be found at

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