Store Owners Brave Construction

By Brett Edwards |

Published 07/11 2014 07:27PM

Updated 07/12 2014 12:07AM

Right now construction has yet to move east into downtown Brazil.

When it does--- store owners fear it could slow business down, but they know it's something that needs to be done.

"I'm looking forward to the end result," said Threads store owner Steve Slack. "I mean the mess might slow down some business but the end result will be worth it."

"I think it needs to be done," Tracy Chiles echoed, co-owner of The Seasoned Wick. "I mean definitely sidewalks, the road needs work. I am concerned about how people are going to get in and out of the businesses along 40 but for the most part, when it's all over with, it will be a good thing."

The Seasoned Wick is one of the few shops that has a back entrance.

"I am concerned how they're going to get in and out and how long it's going to take," Chiles added. "We do anticipate business being slower during that time but we have access to a back door which will help. I don't think all the businesses do have that access but we will bring them in the back door if we need to."

Even with access to a back door, Chiles thinks people may still pass them by.

"I don't know that people will take the time to try to figure out how to get in if there is another way. They'll see it's blocked and they'll move along.:

It could be several more months though until construction makes its way into downtown Brazil.

"Well they said somewhere about six months. The whole project two years but I think they're supposed to be past here within the next six months," said Slack.

The $20 million dollar project will replace pavement on U.S. 40 from State Road 340 to Walmart and on State Road 340 from Waterworks to U.S. 40.
Construction should be completed by November 2015.

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