Social Media Campaign Brings Awareness to Lifeline Law

By Katie Hargitt

Published 08/26 2014 03:01PM

Updated 08/26 2014 08:31PM

Law makers are taking to social media to spread awareness about a life-saving measure. Authorities credit the Lifeline Law for saving seven students since it went into affect two years ago.

Our crew asked four underage Sycamores if they were familiar with the law. None of them knew about it.
The law passed the Statehouse with unanimous support, now politicians fear the worst for the life saving measure. Many students are unaware of the law or even still afraid to contact police.

"No, That would be I would think as ratting out a friend trying to get them arrested," said Isaiah Hightower, an ISU student.

"Most people don't know that so they are just really afraid their friends end up getting in trouble," Montana Waibel, another student said.

The law says if someone needs help, an underage drinker can't be arrested for calling 911. ISU Assistant Chief, Michelle Barrett, says the law hasn't been used on campus but knows the importance of getting the message out.

"It's a life and death situation. In mean if they have a roommate or a friend that's ill and passed out and they're afraid to report to the police that student could be in dire need of medical attention," said Barrett.

Now Indiana politicians are launching a $40,000 social media blitz aimed at raising awareness for the law. They're reaching out with ads on Facebook, Pandora and YouTube.

"I know a lot of students in underage drinking parties and that's just a big help," Hightower said.

"The drinking has started already here on campus so we just want students to be aware that if they see someone in need that might need medical attention, don't just try to get them to their dorm and have something happen to them when no one else is around them. Please give us a call so we can get medical help for those people," Barrett said.

A total of 13 Indiana colleges and universities are a part of the campaign. ISU is included in that list. Rose Hulman and St. Mary of the Woods are not included because they are private institutions.

Rose Hulman includes education about the law in a life skills class. St. Mary of the Woods plans to launch a campaign of their own through e-mail and social media.

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