Sheriff's Department Calls in Specialized Team to Assist in Murder Investigation

By Katie Hargitt

Published 06/30 2014 04:02PM

Updated 06/30 2014 06:54PM

Monday the Vigo County Sheriff's Department brought in reinforcements to help in the search for evidence in a recent Terre Haute homicide.

The search comes after what Vigo County Chief Deputy, Clark Cottom, called a "productive" search in the same area. That area is between the two bridges over the Wabash River.

The Great Lakes Search and Rescue, along with Indiana State Police investigators, combed the river and its banks. The rescue team uses K9s trained in smelling evidence from crimes below the water line. Chief Deputy Clark Cottom says the dogs could be an important key to solving the investigation.

"This is just one of the different ways we've chosen to go about investigating this particular case," Cottom said. "In this particular matter today, the area of being able to search below the water line is very, very important to us. We are looking for any type of criminal evidence of the homicide.

Chief Deputy Cottom could not elaborate on exactly what the Great Lakes Search and Rescue team was looking for, but they have been used extensively in Lake Michigan and have found remains in depths as much as 100 feet deep.
If you have any information about Michael Pollack or his murder, call the Vigo County Sheriff's Department at 812-462-3226.

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