Senior Living Officials Notice the Need for Housing

By Melissa Crash

Published 07/30 2014 03:59PM

Updated 07/30 2014 07:03PM

One of the main reasons Westminster and other surrounding senior facilities are continuing to add on, is because the need for senior living is increasing.

Here in the Wabash Valley, retirement communities are working to meet the demand.

Senior living facilities in Terre Haute are serving more seniors from Vigo, Sullivan, and surrounding counties each year.

Which makes them aware that there is a need for their services.

Senior living complexes are filling up around the valley, and the demand for quality service is at an all time high.

Barrett Way, the Executive Director of Westminster Village said, "More and more people everyday that are retiring, that are moving into these types of communities, especially in the Wabash Valley, with us being the only CCRC provider there's definitely a need for us."

CCRC stands for continuing care retirement community. Typically a CCRC offers both housing and medical services.

Senior like having contact with both staff and neighbors.

"You can focus on the things that you really enjoy and so that's really what retirement should be, is focusing on things you enjoy," said Way.

But retirement communities aren't the only facilities filling up. Nursing homes, and assisted living centers are seeing a demand. Robin Collins, the Director of Admissions and Marketing with Springhill Village has noticed more families becoming proactive, rather than reactive.

"Either getting them back out to their home or whatever their situation is, or having them make their home here with us," said Collins.

Facilities are making sure to focus on all aspects of living.

"Medical, social, financial, nutrition you know, the different options that are out there address all of those things," said Collins.

And there seems to be no slowing down for the future.

"It's just, it's growing, growing, growing and we anticipate over the next ten years, from a nation wide perspective that they're just going to be more and more people retiring and so it's almost like we've got to gear up to get ready for that," said Way.

One of the main issues facilities are experiencing is families being able to afford senior housing, but they are trying their best to find a plan for each individual.

Springhill Village officials say the most important role that families can play, is to do their homework.

For instance checking out to find out the ratings on local facilities.

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