Security Prices Increase for Organizations

By Melissa Crash

Published 08/06 2014 04:36PM

Updated 08/06 2014 06:27PM

Rising costs at Indiana State will have student organizations reconsidering their budgets for this coming school year, and it's all tied into security.

Student organizations will have a run for their money, if they need security at their upcoming events. The ISU Police Department has raised Student Union prices from 325 dollars to 400 dollars. While raising the Recreation Center from 625 dollars to 1,200 dollars.

Chief Joe Newport, with the ISU Police Department said, "We already allow for a quite a bit of a cut in what our expense is, as opposed to what we charge the student groups."

But organizations like NAACP are worried they may not have the funds to cover the increase.

Brandon Hoskins, the NAACP Vice President said, "So that kind of hinders our organization, but it also hinders the diversity on campus. We can't really have events because we can't have an event without security."

Chief Joe Newport says they have a late night event policy in place, and aren't planning to change the process itself. The price change is to cover expenses for law enforcement, along with minimum wage increase on campus.

"There had been incidents in the past that require security presence at many events," said Newport.

One of the main concerns for organization leaders is having to cancel events, leading to a loss of community service, and the chance to raise money.

"Sometimes we have them in the Dede's sometimes we have them in the rec, so we really can't plan for it right now, but since they did give us a little time we try to get as much funds as possible," said Hoskins.

An altercation last year, resulted in the need for more security to cover this years events. Chief Newport says organizations can partner together, to help with the increased cost.

"These events are a shared responsibility with the student groups as well as the university," said Newport.

But student groups aren't the only events they focus on.

"We do security assessments at nearly all events that are handled on campus and that includes athletic events, wedding receptions, security at concerts," said Newport.

ISU public safety is planning to patrol the first big event on campus coming up on August 22nd, and Chief Newport says they're expecting more than 1,000 people.

They have to prepare ahead of time to make sure they have enough staff available.

Members expressed that it's not just parties they're having, it's events for them to raise money for local charities, or funds to go back into the organization.

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