School Officials Respond to Repeal of Common Core

By Morgan Moore

Published 03/25 2014 03:46PM

Updated 03/25 2014 06:38PM

Indiana schools will have to make some changes soon, now that the state has formally withdrawn from nationwide standards.

Indiana is the first of the 45 states using common core to get rid of the standards, now many local educators are wonder what comes next.

Common Core is no more.
Officials announced on Monday that they would no longer follow the guidelines, changing the way students will be evaluated.

"We try to track students to see where they start, and if they're finishing, because if there's not grow and we probably need to know that," said Amy McClain, principal at St. Patrick's School.

Common core set parameters as to what students are supposed to be learning in the areas of math and language arts, and those levels were tested each year in Indiana with the ISTEP test.

"If we continue to take the state test we will have to be prepared to follow their standards, because that's what the tests are based on," said McClain.

But the goal isn't just to prepare Hoosier students.

Common core is implemented in 44 other states, to help keep academic consistency throughout the country.
"They would be tested and they would be putting a curriculum across the board, they can do that anywhere. So that transferability of skills and knowledge I think it's very wise," said Sonja Frants, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods professor.

And for those looking to become teachers?
Officials say it's what you do in the classroom beyond the guidelines that really makes the difference.

"Of course you must reach this standard, but you have to go be on the standard, you have to be more than what the standard says," said Frantz.

Because for these educators it's about the students, not the standards.

"Regardless of where the student starts, we are going to meet their needs and try to bring them up to speed with whatever standards they give us," said McClain.

Under the repeal, the state board of education must create its own learning goals by July first.

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