Residents Hoping to Renovate Rea Park

By Brett Edwards |

Published 08/14 2014 10:17PM

Updated 08/14 2014 11:53PM

Last November, a small group of Terre Haute natives came together to figure out a way to help Rea Park before it gets to a point of disrepair.

"Talking about Rea Park and the treasure this clubhouse is and the whole grounds, the tennis courts, the park itself. It needs some help," said Mike Harding, a Terre Haute native heading a group called Friends of Rea Park.

The primary objective is to restore the historic Rea Park clubhouse.

Given its current state, officials feel the renovation process may not cost a lot but it's too much for the city's budget.

"This building is still salvageable and I don't think it's going to cost a ridiculous amount of money to bring it back," said Scott Williams, also a member of Friends of Rea Park.

It's not just golfers and tennis players who appreciate the facilities at Rea Park.

It's something the entire city of Terre Haute can take pride in.

"It's a beautiful facility and you can do more than just play golf or tennis or hopefully in the future pickleball as well," Dallas Kelsey of Terre Haute said. "We have kids that come out here and they play frisbee golf out here, they run out here, they run the parks. It's just a great facility."

"Our generation and some others will go together to try to keep the legacy going for future generations," Harding added. "It's a wonderful place. Rea Park really benefits Terre Haute."

Tonight's meeting was the first of many as the Friends of Rea Park work to seek out the costs of rehabbing the clubhouse and surrounding grounds.

For details on how to get involved in the project, e-mail Mike Harding at

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