Remembering D-Day in the Valley

By Melissa Crash

Published 06/06 2014 04:22PM

Updated 06/06 2014 04:31PM

As the United States remembers D-Day and the military members that battled for our freedom, here in the valley we salute local soldiers that were apart of that historic day.

In Vincennes, the Indiana Military Museum allows the opportunity to learn about World War II and other conflicts.

The sacrifice those military members made 70 years ago, continues to inspire soldiers everywhere.

Sonner Faught, a local World War II veteran from Sullivan County remembers D-Day like it was yesterday.

"They put all the planes available in the 15th Air Force in the air that morning," said Faught.

Preserving memories is why it's important that we have places like the Indiana Military Museum.

It allows the opportunity to learn and see what equipment was used in the hard times during World War II.

Joseph Smith, with the Indiana Military Museum said, "We strive to help people learn that have questions about why this, and why that. Of course, I like to stress that the Indiana Military Museum is not here to promote war, we like to preserve the memories of great wars."

With fighter planes, and reenactment barricades, you can try to imagine what soldiers were going through during battles like the invasion of Normandy.

"At that moment, I was at an airbase in southern Italy, and we were loading bombs," said Faught.

World War II is known for altering the political alignment and social structure of the world.

Faught said, "It was quite an experience, and I'm glad I got back safe, and I wish they all could have."

But of course they all didn't. The numbers aren't exact, but an estimated 44 hundred Americans lost their lives on D-Day.

"People should be thankful that they've done what they've done, because that changed the course of the United States," said Smith.

The Indiana Military Museum is looking forward to holding a special salute to the World War II veterans for Labor Day weekend.

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