No Guns=No Money: Local Business Boycott

By Kyle Inskeep

Published 08/28 2014 05:17PM

Updated 08/28 2014 07:02PM

A new Facebook page is challenging supporters of the Second Amendment to use their wallets to back their beliefs.

"We have to decide whether or not that's a place we want to spend our money," Steve Ellis, owner of Top Guns Gun Store said.

Ellis launched the "No Guns = No Money" support page just last week.

"Basically what we're saying is choose to spend your money in places that are more second amendment friendly," Ellis said.

The page lets people know what area businesses ban guns.

And encourages gun supporters to boycott them.

"I think sometimes a business will put that sign up trying to be politically correct and they don't realize the statement they're making when they do it," Ellis said. 

In Terre Haute, the list includes ToysRUs, some Wendy's locations, Time Warner Cable, and both AMC movie theatres.

Rebecca harden: "it's just kind of peaceful knowing that there's some places that don't allow firearms."

A sign about the ban greets guest walking-in to AMC theatres.

Rebecca harden a mother of one child, with another on the way, says she wants to support businesses that ban guns.

"You're afraid to take your kids you're afraid to go to movie theaters where they allow people to bring their guns," Harden said. 

In Indiana, there's no law that says you can't bring a firearm into a business even if the ban is posted.

But a business owner does have a right to ask a customer to leave at any time.

"It's their right not to support that but it's also our right not to spend our money at the facility," Ellis said.

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