New State Troopers Wanted

By Melissa Crash

Published 08/18 2014 09:18PM

Updated 08/18 2014 11:46PM

Indiana State Police are now looking for new troopers to serve the citizens of Indiana, and enter the challenging career in law enforcement.

Indiana State Police are seeking troopers for the 75th Recruit Academy.

The process is quite difficult, but if you're able to put in the hard work, officials say it's a rewarding experience.

Interested applicants can start by finding a full time recruiter in their area to help assist through out the process.

If you're thinking about becoming a state trooper, US citizenship with a valid drivers license is required, along with a high school diploma.

You need to be at least 21, and less than 40 years of age when appointed.

A vision standard is also required.

Officials say it takes a certain person that is self motivated, and dedicated to help the public.

Sergeant Joe Watts with the Indiana State Police said, "They don't necessarily want to go out and arrest everyone, we want State Troopers that, sure have to do their job, they have to arrest people so on and so forth, but we want people that want to serve the citizens of Indiana. So, we're looking for those individuals that are just good wholesome individuals all around and they're willing to serve the public and enter a challenging career in law enforcement."

About three to five thousand people apply for these positions, and only 40 to 70 people will be selected.

Applications must be received via e-mail by 11:59 EST on November 30th, and any applications after that deadline will not be accepted.

In total, the process could take up to six months.

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