New School Security in Daviess County

Published 08/26 2014 05:49PM

Updated 08/26 2014 08:29PM

12.5 minutes... That's the average time it takes for a school shooting to occur according to the school guard website. The average police response is 18 minutes. That's why schools in Daviess County have put a new security system into place.

When seconds save lives. That's the motto of the new School Guard app that is being used in school districts across Daviess County.

"Essentially, it's a communication system between teachers, administration, and local law enforcement," explained Paul White, Assistant Superintendent Washington Community School District

"It puts a panic button in every school teacher's hands or whoever the school designates to have it on their phone. Whether it even be maintenance workers, cafeteria workers," said Captain of Washington PD, Tim Guy.

If there is ever an active shooter situation in one of the schools, the teachers can open the app and active it. It will immediately call 911. But at the exact same time...

"It also sends out a signal to all other teachers within the building, all other schools within five miles that have this program in place, all law enforcement within 20 miles that have the hero 911 app on their phone," said Guy.

Which could save precious time in an emergency situation.

"Probably before the dispatcher even says 911, what's your emergency, we've notified every law enforcement in our community, on duty or off," he said.

"The gap time between the initial event and getting these law enforcement people in the situation is sometimes the difference," explained White.

While the app's main purpose is for an active shooter situation, teachers and administration can also use features for inter-school communication that does not send an alert to law enforcement.

The School Guard app can only send out an alert within a designated area around the different schools. It also requires a swipe after the app is opened. These are both to make sure the app isn't set off accidentally.

After County commissioners became aware of the app, they used 911 funds to get the School Guard app into the districts. However, the law enforcement's Hero911 app that pairs with School Guard is completely free and is available to any law enforcement officer in the country.

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