New Rose-Hulman Facility Offers Unique Opportunities

By Melissa Crash

Published 05/15 2014 04:11PM

Updated 05/15 2014 07:01PM

Imagine being an undergraduate, learning how to work with products that are influencing our worlds future of technology.

At Rose-Hulman, a new facility offers students a unique opportunity.

This is where learning the world of Micro and Nano technology will take place from now on.

This is now the home of the Department of Physics and Optical Engineering at Rose Hulman.

Bradlee Beauchamp, a Junior at Rose-Hulman said, "It's basically the basis for all modern day silicon technology, computers, or any tiny devices even in cars and I guess it's kind of the core, one of the core processes."

Many universities around the country can't afford to offer a clean room learning classroom for undergrads.

Azad Siahmakoun, the MiNDS Laboratory Director stated, "However here, as part of our curriculum we offer courses to undergraduates to learn this technology and skill sets that is essential to be frontiers of future technology and to grow to our economy in the world."

With the expanded 1,800 square foot facility, students of "MEMS" which stands for Micro - Electrical- Mechanical- Systems, will see new opportunities.

"Also the growth of the space allows us to include new instrumentation, and therefore new capability to what we have been doing over the past twelve years," said Siahmakoun.

With the large facility in use, students practice putting as many as 200 MEMS on a chip, which is only one centimeter square.

"So for me, if I want to go on to do materials or get into more semi-conductor industry, a lot of the machines that's in there are on a industrial basis, but a lot of the processes are the exact same," said Beauchamp.

The minds laboratory allows students a distinct advantage in the exciting world of Micro and Nano technology.

Costing more than four million dollars, the new clean room took a few years to fund.

After receiving a 400,000 dollar grant and help from several departments, it's now up and running.

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