New Law Requires CPR to be Taught in Schools

By Caitlin Centner |

Published 08/28 2014 04:00PM

Updated 08/28 2014 06:56PM

High school students will now know how to assist in life or death situations. A new Indiana law requires schools to teach CPR to high school age students.

The new requirements are part of House Enrolled Act 1290 requiring schools to teach both CPR and defibrillator usage to high school students. It's up to each individual school to decide how they'll teach the new requirements.

Minutes, even seconds can be the difference between life and death when it comes to cardiac arrest.

Vincennes Lincoln High School teacher Tod Held said, "For every minute that's wasted, there's a chance that you might not get that person back."

According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, if the heart doesn't return to normal within five to seven minutes, it could be fatal. Because of a new Indiana law, high school students will now have the knowledge to save a life. School corporations and accredited nonpublic schools in Indiana are required to teach CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator to students.

Principal Steve Combs said, "Our health teacher is CPR certified, as is every teacher that gets a license renewed."

At Vincennes Lincoln High School, every teacher is CPR certified and according to this law, any teacher could teach CPR, certified or not.

Held said health wellness is really projected towards the total health."

And that's why at Lincoln, the new additions to the high school curriculum will be taught in the health and wellness class.

Combs said, "Ithink that we will train it not necessarily like a certification course which would be over hours but having a unit over CPR, what the basis, why do you do the compressions. Why are there more compressions now when there used to be more breaths... stuff, things like that and how to use an AED."

Lincoln high school has ordered a CPR kit. They're waiting for it to arrive and then can better plan out how the coursework will be included in health and wellness.

The CPR kit ordered by Vincennes Lincoln High School includes inflatable mannequins and much more. The school plans to focus mainly on adult, hands only CPR.

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