New Apartment Buildings Go Green to Save Green

By Katie Hargitt

Published 07/14 2014 04:01PM

Updated 07/16 2014 07:26PM

A new Wabash Valley housing project is going green to save some green.

"When you're in an energy efficient apartment you know what your bill is going to be," said community manager, Kirsten Hudson. "You have a great insulation factor. You're comfortable, you're warm or you're cool and it makes it a lot easier to budget your paycheck every week."

The two soon-to-be apartment buildings are abandoned factories in Vermillion County. One of the buildings will be outfitted with solar panels. Both rent and utilities are attractive to single mothers like Allie Milam.

"Affordable definitely. I'm going to school full time right now and part time job so something affordable and close to home. Close to my family," Milam said.

The apartments are not section 8 housing, meaning it's not a government subsidized property. Instead the owner of the property will receive a tax break at the end of each year.

"Kids getting out of college, when they're starting out with their salaries, people mid-way through, it's for middle of the road income people. Apartments have become so expensive and had to make three times the monthly rent, it was almost unattainable for some people," Hudson said.

The building on the south side of Clinton is set to open at the end of July. The north side location is scheduled to open in October.

For more information on how you can qualify to rent one of the new apartments contact Kirsten Hudson. or (317)448-5064

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