New Alternative Radio Station Coming to Valley

By Brett Edwards |

Published 07/30 2014 10:20PM

Updated 07/30 2014 11:49PM

On Memorial Day Weekend, Midwest Communications officially changed their alternative station, X95.9, to what it is now, 95.9 Duke FM - The Legends of Country.

The company had lost revenue due to a lack of advertising for X95.9, disappointing its listeners.

"It was really the only spot to be able to get that music in this market," added Steve Cannon, Operations Manager at Midwest Communications. "So when it goes away, you're going to get backlash. You have a very passionate audience there."

A few X95.9 listeners have used their disappointment as the driving force to get alternative music back on the air in the form of 97.3 WXXR.

"We decided that instead of begging a corporation to bring X95 back, we'd bring the music back to the valley," said Douglas "Doc" Kirkham, Underwriting Director at WXXR. "We would do it with a non-profit station. We would belong to the community and the community will always have a say in this format."

Kirkham says the new 97.3 station won't just be mainstream modern rock and alternative.

"We want to bring local musicians back. We want local musicians to be heard."

The new WXXR started fundraising a couple of months ago to help get them on the air.

They have raised $4,000 so far, which has helped them purchase a tower for their broadcasts.

Their $10,000 goal will help pay for other necessities.

"Gets that equipment in place, gets the construction done, gets the tower painted, and all the different things that we have to do," Kirkham explained. "Promotions. All kinds of different things have to come together in order to make this thing a success."

The team says they've been humbled by all the support they've received so far.

"The support that we've had already has been so awesome. It's been tremendous," Kirkham added. "We've had people approach us in the stores when we're wearing our bird shirts saying, 'oh my gosh, I've heard of you guys!'"

At the moment, WXXR broadcasts can only be heard online.

Soon, they'll be hitting FM tuners throughout the Wabash Valley.

"It is established that we will be doing this on august 15th. It's coming that fast," Kirkham said.

If you're interested in donating to WXXR, you can visit their website:

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