Never Too Cold for a Carwash

Published 02/10 2014 03:29PM

Updated 02/10 2014 06:26PM

Our winter weather has many cars looking pretty rough out on the road, and experts say getting rid of all the build up is the most important thing for your vehicle, not matter the temperature.

Day after day of these below freezing temps may keep you from doing a lot things, but it shouldn't stop you from getting your car clean.

"It's still okay even with the colder temperatures...the negative temperatures outside as well," said Justin Spears, general manager of Mike's Carwash in Terre Haute.
And while that cold water won't slow you down, there is one important step to remember once your car is nice and shined.

"The water can get in the door jams and it can freeze, so we do encourage you to just wipe  that down really quick… it'll take a few seconds and then you'll be staying to leave the wash," said Spears.   

Experts say that little bit of extra time can go a long way in preventing serious damage to your vehicle.

Terre Haute alone has used around 1,800tons of salt on the roads this winter, and a lot of that ends up right back on your car.

"All the corrosion that the salt could cause underneath, we encourage customers to come in and get all that cleaned out to prevent any damage or vehicle failure for the salted cars," said Spears.

Getting your car cleaned by a professional can also be a big help.
You might consider an underbody wash to remove salt that you could never reach.

"Underneath their car especially because of the corrosion. If you don't take care of it right away, long-term it can cause you vehicle failure or your underbody to corrode," said Spears.

And the sooner the better.

The longer the salt stays on your car the more likely it is for rust to form.
"With all that accumulation of salt on the roads definitely has a good possibility of damaging the vehicle if you don't get it taken care of right away," said Spears.

Mike's Carwash also added a warm water hose at the start of the wash, to help melt away an ice or snow stuck on your vehicle.

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