More Details Surrounding Katelyn Wolfe's Murder

The two men accused of killing a Linton teenager will be in court on Friday.
Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosley were persons of interest from very early on in the investigation into Katelyn Wolfe's disappearance, and now they are being charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit rape and criminal confinement.

The Linton community is already reeling from the murder of a 19-year-old Katelyn Wolfe.

Now come the gruesome details of the two best friends who were behind the teen's untimely death.
"Heartbreaking really. It's just tough... we would never expect this from him. He's always been good, so it's rough on all three families really," said Jordan Buskirk's brother Zachariah.
Court documents reveal that Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosely had murder on the mind weeks ago.

Days before Katelyn disappeared the suspects drove to Terre Haute for "supplies."

Buskirk admitted to police they intended to rape then murder someone -- anyone -- when Katelyn became that random victim the night of June 5. 
"There's no excuse for what he did," said Zachariah.
According to the investigation, Buskirk and Crosley sold Katelyn Valium that night, and she left with them in Buskirk's car.

They later drove to a remote location in Greene County, where the teen was attacked, duct taped and suffocated.

Buskirk then admitted to putting her in the trunk of the car and driving to a lake in Sullivan County.

There, they tied a 20-pound weight around her, and pushed her body into the water.

"The one thing he did, a bad mistake he's going to live with it for the rest of his life," said Zachariah.

Police also write that the duo tried to cover up their crime by cleaning themselves up, disposing of evidence -- and even writing a phony Facebook post from Katelyn's account.

It was ultimately Randal Crosley's wife who led police to the lake where Katelyn's body was found.

She told police that when she was out helping to search for the girl, she found a shoe floating in the water.

Now, as the best friends are behind bars without bond, their family is left to pick up the pieces of what the crime has done to the community... but they say they will be there.
"Support him. He's my brother and I'll love him no matter what. If it's 20 years down the road or whenever he gets out, or less than that, I'll just wait for him. That's all I can do," said Zachariah.

Both Buskirk and Crosley are scheduled to appear in court Friday at 9:30 a.m.

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