Local Motorcycle Club Lends a Helping Hand

By Brett Edwards | bedwards@wtwo.com

Published 07/29 2014 10:30PM

Updated 07/29 2014 11:54PM

The Sons of Malta came together at the Linton City Park to fix up a log cabin that has stood there since the 1930s.

For Don Borders, who in 2005 gave the log cabin much needed repairs, words simply cannot explain how much it means that his club is helping give back to the community.

With the help of his family and using his own money, Borders did just what he set out to do nine years ago.

"It was a family project that we could actually turn around and tell our kids and our grandkids that we helped give something back to the community," said Borders, a member of Sons of Malta and a Greene County native.

Recently the log cabin has been the subject of vandalism.

Nine years later, Don is back to repair the log cabin he worked so hard on, only this time with another family.

"There's just no way of explaining how much it means to me to have these guys helping me today because otherwise, my wife and my daughter and I would be here working on it," Borders added. "My son, when he gets a chance, would come over and help, because it is a family thing. But this is a new family and this family is here to stay."

Many often have a negative view on motorcycle clubs, which is something the Sons of Malta are hoping to change.

"Community service is a big thing with our club and we got to make sure that we get out there and do this kind of stuff," said Sons of Malta member Jeremy Yates.

Yates, who holds the values of the club close to his heart, came all the way down from Vermillion County to help Don.

"Like our patch says, BFFB: Brothers Forever, Forever Brothers. Anything for a brother, it's family," Yates expalined. "He needed help and we're all pulling in and we'll get it done."

As for Don Borders, he's never asked for any money.

His only return from the cabin is watching others make memories on the very steps he put in.

"We have been paid back by watching people getting married on this porch, we've watched news broadcast being on this porch, we've seen music being played on this porch. It's just something that makes us proud that people enjoy it," Borders said.

The Sons of Malta motorcycle club is in six different states.

The Terre Haute club recently formed a few months ago.

They currently have ten members and three wanting to join.

Overall, 150 members make up the club nationwide.

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