Local Kids Receive Tickets for Safety

By Katie Hargitt

Published 07/09 2014 03:01PM

Updated 07/09 2014 06:46PM

Every year nearly 19,000 bike riders are injured in accidents, but just wearing a helmet can significantly reduce that risk.

"Children, they really don't understand the importance of wearing a helmet and maybe by rewarding them for doing that it will help get the message through that it's not only a safe thing to do but maybe you'll get rewarded for doing."

Corey Godden rides his bike with his brother. He's one of the few kids we spotted in Clinton following the rules.

" I ride it on the concrete and I wear my helmet," Godden said. "Because you might fall and your head might get busted open"

The concept is simple, if an officers spots a child riding a bike with a helmet, they get a coupon for a free kid's cone at the Dairy Queen. It's a popular reward for kids like Godden.

"YUMMY," Godden said when he received the coupon.

To Chief Perry Hollowell the initiative is also about getting to know the people he and his officers serve every day.

"Being involved in the community, that's a huge part of what we're doing. Being involved in the community. Letting the children see us as people rather than as some people would like for them to see us sometimes so it let's them see the human side of us," Chief Hollwell said.

This program will continue at least until the beginning of the school year. That's when Clinton PD will kick off their "Chief for A Day" program.

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