Lilies May Be Deadly to Cats

Published 04/18 2014 06:03PM

Updated 04/21 2014 07:31AM

The entire lily plant is poisonous to cats.   
Even consuming a couple of leafs could be harmful to a feline.
Cats will vomit soon after consuming a lily.
After twelve to 24 hours--- they may start to urinate frequently.
If you suspect your cat has eaten a lily, contact your veterinarian immediately.
If untreated, the Easter Lily could have a terminal effect on the kidneys.

"It shuts them down where at some point they have little to no urine production at all," says Dr. Annette Rice of Shew Veterinary Clinic. "Then, they go into kidney failure and then pass away. Even with treatment, if it's not caught early enough, there is a chance they may not make it."

Lilies don't pose as much of a danger to dogs but canines could suffer from stomach issues if they eat the plant.

If you have cats or dogs, it may be best to keep the lilies outside.

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