Library Renovations Bring New Opportunities

By Melissa Crash

Published 08/08 2014 04:26PM

Updated 08/08 2014 06:48PM

The noise level at the Vigo County Library has increased, while construction continues on the west wing.

But soon, visitors will be able to read in silence.

The library's main branch has been undergoing renovations since the beginning of summer, but as students head back to school, library officials are hoping to give them a new atmosphere to come study in the next month.

Construction crews have moved their equipment from the east wing, to the west. Visitors are now able to search for the perfect summer read, in a renovated space.

Kristi Howe, the Library Director said, "A facility that is heavily trafficked like ours gets a lot of wear and tear and sometimes you just need to get yourself or your organization a little face lift."

The east wing that is now complete, includes stocked book shelves, a new reference desk, and carpet. Creating an updated atmosphere to make a new discovery.

"The library has morphed on its own, the services and programs we offered have adapted to stay relevant, but it was time the facility caught up," said Howe.

The west wing will include new study and conference rooms, providing smart TV's and learning spaces. Both projects together have cost approximately 300,000 dollars.

"It was built into our 2014 operating budget, so this is something that's paid for out of the library's general fund," said Howe.

Hoping the new look, will bring a new feel to the older building.

Brittany Michaels, the Community Connections Coordinator at the library said, "It's just a really fresh time here at library, we have a lot going on, we have a lot of really updated programming, a lot of really update initiatives going along with our strategic plan, so we're just really happy to be able to carry out the renovation that's apart of that."

Overall, officials are wanting the public to enjoy the update, and keep the library in mind when thinking about finding a new interest.

"So I really think the changes in the west wing will have the most significant impact on the customer experience," said Howe.

Howe says they have had many requests for a new teen and kids area.

With the rest of the money left from the renovation fund, they hope to grant those wishes by starting a phase three of construction starting in October.

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