Levee Repairs for the City of Vincennes

By Melissa Crash

Published 07/09 2014 04:09PM

Updated 07/09 2014 06:45PM

The city of Vincennes has started a project that's going to protect the community and the surrounding areas.

The levee is what protects the area from any major flooding from the Wabash River.

David Snider, a Vincennes Resident said, "It helps protect the environment for one. It helps protect the city, it helps protect the farmers, the fields, because if it breaks down, then the farmers can't get out there and the water is going to get in the city."

David Snider spends a lot of time by the levee, and he says that making sure the levee is safe will only benefit the area.

"A long time ago it did get bad enough where it flooded and damaged a lot of the businesses," said Snider.

City officials are in the process of re-certifying the levee. A certified levee not only keeps water out, it also lowers insurance rates.

Mayor of Vincennes, Joe Yochum said, "Without that, that's bad for the community, because if you don't have your levee certification, then you got to go by different guidelines, even if you're building structures in a flood zone."

The Army Corps of Engineers has delivered a 166 page report to the city of Vincennes, it includes a list of recommended improvements, and the city already has funding lined up for the repairs.

"It's spent, but not spent yet. About five million dollars," said Yochum.

Officials predict this project will take around two years.

"Ever since this process has started we've been proactive and we done a lot of projects on the levee that are listed in this report and that have already been completed or are in the process of being started," said Yochum.

It's a process the city of Vincennes is not so familiar with, they're required to certify the levee every five to ten years.

On Monday, July 14th, city officials will meet to discuss the levee report, to figure out the next steps in the construction process.

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