Jen Bricker Returns to Robinson for First Home Performance

By Katie Hargitt

Published 03/21 2014 10:16PM

Updated 03/22 2014 12:33AM

Jennifer Bricker was born without legs. She was adopted at birth and grew up in Oblong, Illinois. After a lifetime of breaking down barriers, Friday she returned home for the first time accompanied by her biological family.

"It's such a dream. This is something I've wanted for so long. To be able to share that with my sisters here where I grew up and literally everybody that I have known my entire life," said Bricker.

At 16 years old, Bricker discovered her biological sister was also her childhood idol, 1997 Olympic gold medalist, Dominique Moceanu.

"It gives us an even more interesting bond and strengthening and one more thing in common that is completely ironic. My whole life seems to be a tale of unbelievable irony," said Bricker.

"It's taught us a lot about each other and getting to know each other even though we never lived together. It's two strangers that met that were sisters that had to connect and had this common bond that was the DNA," said Moceanu.

They found each other in 2008. After discovering a lifetime of memories in just five years, Jen brought both of her biological sisters back to Crawford County where she put on a mesmerizing performance.

"Every time it always gets me, I'm like wow that's amazing, that's my sister and she's doing these tricks. It's really cool because she's living her dream," said Christina Moceanu.

"Watching Jen perform, it's amazing. It's a wonderful experience for me as a sister and to know she's broken so many barriers of what people think she can or can't do," said Dominique Moceanu.

Proceeds from tonight's performance went to charity.

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