ISU Effects Local Businesses for the Summer

By Melissa Crash

Published 05/06 2014 04:24PM

Updated 05/07 2014 12:20AM

Local businesses are beginning to see a change in customers since Indiana State students have gone home for the summer.

Managers we talked with say they aren't worried about losing business, they are actually excited for some advantages they typically don't have during the college school year.

Some would think business would slow down during the summer months with the majority of the Indiana State community being gone, but at crossroads cafe on the corner of 7th and Wabash, they tend to see the opposite.

Libby Waters, Manager of Crossroads Cafe stated, "Yeah, it pretty much stays the same. We just see a different set of daily regulars, because of the parking. The staff has more time to come over, staff and faculty i guess from ISU, have more time to come over for lunch."

More parking spots along the streets near downtown bring more customers who usually wouldn't stop by.

Yogurt in Love's Manager Darion Haggergy said, "We're very busy during school, a lot of people, a lot of kids parking on the street and a lot of spots will be open so that's good for us."

Many restaurants like Crossroads Cafe and Yogurt in Love are only a few blocks from campus, so parking has always been an issue.

"We see a little more business because there is more parking when the students are gone. There is a lot more parking downtown and we see a different set of regulars through the summer," said Waters.

For the newer businesses like Yogurt in Love, they hope by advertising and having events like another grand opening, they can keep business coming in.

"Well with the students leaving I think with the ball games coming up and the warmer weather, there's going to be people venturing out into exploring new things. We're one of those new things on the block and the festivals will really help us out. Just kids coming in after the ball games and high school students picking up the slack from the college students leaving," said Haggergy.

Any businesses that do see a downturn because of fewer students, might see that pick back up next week.

Students will be starting summer classes on May 12th.

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