ISP to Patrol Johnson Dr. and Davis Ave. Intersections on U.S. 41

By Brett Edwards |

Published 08/08 2014 09:50PM

Updated 08/09 2014 12:24AM

At one time, six cars tried to make a left hand turn onto Davis Avenue.

U.S. 41 already sees plenty of congestion. Motorists who do this simply add to it.

"These people taking time to make these turns, in spite of it being posted not to turn, are causing quite a backup in traffic and in some cases, some crashes," said Indiana State Police Trooper Brent Robinson.

Fellow motorists who abide by the rule grow frustrated with those who try making the left turn.

"Absolutely, absolutely, they should be going straight ahead and trying to come back north or something because it's just almost impossible," motorist Mike Kenworthy said.

Indiana State Police began patrolling the area this week.

In over four hours time, they've issued 19 citations and 32 warnings.

"We're hoping to educate at least the locals and try to prevent some traffic," Trooper Robinson said. "That's the real goal."

The no left hand turn does present a problem for those wanting to go to the mall.

"You couldn't even make a left turn into the mall," added Kenworthy. "I had to go to Margaret Avenue and turn around and come back."

But for the time being, going a little out of your way to get to your destination could keep you out of a dangerous situation.

"At least passing Davis and Johnson, if you got to make that left turn, going on down to the next intersection where you can do so safely, not creating a backup or creating a chance for a crash to occur," Trooper Robinson said.

A citation for making a left hand turn onto Johnson Drive or Davis Avenue will set motorists back $120.

That is the regular infraction cost in Vigo County.

Construction on U.S. 41 is expected to wrap up in a few weeks, meaning no left hand turns onto Johnson Dr. or Davis Ave. will be allowed until then.

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