Indiana Cyber Charter School Faces Lawsuit

By Katie Hargitt

Published 08/11 2014 03:50PM

Updated 08/12 2014 04:24PM

8/12/14 at 4:00 pm: The National Network for Digital Schools issued a statement about the lawsuit late Tuesday afternoon.

“As a non-profit education management foundation, we are focused on providing resources to help children learn and flourish academically. In order to fulfill that mission, we have to stay solvent, which led us to making the decision to filing a lawsuit against our client. 


Certainly, we don’t relish having had to do so, but deemed it our only recourse. Now it is in the hands of our justice system, where we are confident it will be resolved equitably.


Despite several media inquiries, and the natural tendency for us to want the public to know ‘our side of the story,’ we are reticent about commenting further than acknowledging that the lawsuit is pending. We don’t wish to taint or color the proceedings; we wish to leave the matter with the courts, period.”

8/11/14 at 6:00pm:An Indiana Cyber Charter School is under fire. A national organization claims ICCS failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bills.

The 40 page document lays out the contract between the two entities. The suit claims Indiana Cyber Charter Schools failed to pay almost $600,000 worth of bills.

The contract between ICCS and the National Network for Digital Schools would provide educational services including curriculum, textbooks and consultation for computers.

The suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Indianapolis alleges ICCS failed to hold up its end of the contract and did not pay for curriculum, computer services and a nearly $400,000 loan.
National Network for Digital Schools claimed to know nothing about the suit, while calls to Indiana Cyber Charter School were not returned.
Representatives from Dugger say this contract was prior to their association with ICCS and the suit will not affect the school in Dugger.

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