Hoosiers Unprepared for Disaster

By Katie Hargitt

Published 11/18 2013 09:32PM

Updated 11/18 2013 11:39PM

It's the "it'll never happen to me" mentality that is putting Indiana residents in jeopardy

"A lot of us tend to forget it until it's the looming disaster," said Nikki Wessley with Red Cross of the Wabash Valley

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security surveyed 2,500 residents, more than half of them said they do not have three days worth of supplies Almost none of them have an emergency kit

"It may hit a small region but it didn't impact you directly so you think people just say, you know what, it's another warning, it didn't hit me last time and they just, they don't take it serious But the problem is it only takes one time," said NBC 2 Chief Meteorologist Jesse Walker

But by the time a tornado is within miles of your home, it may be too late That's why Nikki Wessley with the Red Cross of the Wabash Valley says those disaster kits that almost no Hoosiers have are so crucial

"No body ever plans on losing their home," Wessley said "No body ever plans on not having some where to sleep that night and not having all those things we love and those heirlooms we can never replace You don't plan on that Planning for a disaster is the best way to recover from a disaster"

Jesse Walker echoed Wessley's points Disasters like the ones that ripped through the Wabash valley on Sunday happen in the blink of an eye

"If we come on the air and we say there's a tornado eight miles to your southwest, it couldn't be there in 6 or 7 minutes"

Indiana isn't considered to be in tornado alley, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautions to stay safe Season changes make weather unstable

"There's a second tornado season, a small little peak that happens again from late October to November The reason for that is the change of the air masses again, we're starting to get the cold air coming down the jet streams dropping and when you have those large changes of air masses just like you do in the spring, you have in the fall, you have a second surge of severe weather," said Jesse

He estimates there were six tornados in the Wabash Valley on Sunday Even if you weren't in one of those areas that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a disaster kit That should include a flashlight, water, food and a radio For more information on how to keep your family safe visit the Red Cross website

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