Gov. Daniels Signs Statewide Texting & Driving Ban

Indiana motorists who text while driving may face penalties starting this summer.

That's because Governor Mitch Daniels signed into law a statewide ban. It's effective July 1, 2011.  Indiana's the 32nd state to make texting and driving illegal. Indiana State Police say they're supportive of the new law. In 2009, disrupted driving caused 8,000 accidents in Indiana. Texting and driving is a portion of that. Troopers say even more go under reported.

"Motorists are very reluctant to say I was texting and driving and caused a crash. They will say I was changing a CD, I was turning the radio, a bug came in the car or someone came into my lane.  They will use any other excuse," Sgt. Joe Watts said.

Law enforcement's still determining how they'll fine motorists who are texting and driving.

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