EPA Looking into Former Dump Site

In February, the City of Terre Haute made an unfortunate discovery while clearing out a piece of newly acquired property along the Wabash River.

Sugar Creek Scrap gave this property to the City last August for free.

It's located off Prairieton Road and Hulman Street.

There's lots of scrap metal here, as well as 10,000 tires.

In the soil and water, the Environmental Protection Agency found numerous heavy metals.

The EPA is testing several samples taken from the area.

How those results go will determine how this property will be cleaned up.

"We'll have lab results back in approximately two to three weeks.  Then we'll have an idea of whether the EPA wishes to take over the cleanup of the site or not," said City Planner Pat Martin.

Once this property is clear, the City will construct a storm sewer water filtration system as part of its combined sewer overflow project.

Construction should start in July.

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