Dugger Gains Access to Schools

By Katie Hargitt

Published 08/08 2014 04:22PM

Updated 08/08 2014 06:49PM

Dugger's schools are now in the hands of the community. Today, those who've fought for nearly a year accepted the keys to the buildings.

"We have a lot of clean up to do. they came in, took what they needed to take, but we still have to come in and do a lot of cleaning and preparation, painting that type of thing," said Kyle Foli, DUCSC Board President.

"It's a positive thing for them and they're moving forward and North East Schools are going to be moving forward and hopefully as time goes on we'll be able to do some events and some activities with those kids as well," said Mark Baker, NESC Superintendent.

Earlier this month the Dugger School Group submitted the paperwork to buy the buildings. Under Indiana law, NESC must give first rights to a charter school and it must be sold for just $1. An examination of the building revealed several issues.

"We had a forensic study done of the building. There were 7 items that had some immediate concern to the architect so the Dugger Union Community Schools are working on those 7 items right now," Baker said.

The Dugger School Board assigned families in the town tasks to get the school up to par. It's a big job, but Foli says they're ready to meet the challenge.

"It's been a united community standing up and working together and I know we can get that done."

Members will vote to approve the purchase agreement at NESC's board meeting on Monday.

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